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TV, Film,Theatre,
Commercials, and Voice Overs

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Welcome to

Sally King Agency

We are a thriving Talent Agency founded in 2014 by Sally King, an industry professional with over 30 years of experience.


Our remit includes child and adult performers, chaperones, tutors and drama coaches who work in film, television, commercials, theatre and voice overs.


With a deep understanding of the entertainment industry, we pride ourselves on building strong, enduring relationships with industry professionals.


Ages 0-19

Find out more information about becoming a supporting artist in TV, Film and Commercials


Ages 4+

Representation for adults and young performers for featured roles in TV, Film, Theatre, Commercials and Voice Overs


Supplying Child and Adult Supporting Artists, Chaperones, Tutors and Drama Coaches. We can also assist with all your child licensing requirements in the UK and internationally. 

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