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Supporting Artists, Chaperones, Tutors, Drama Coaches and Child Licensing

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Sally King Casting Production

We provide adult and child supporting artists for paid, professional work in film, television and commercials. We have a a vast database of young performers aged from 0-19 who are all registered with Sally King Casting.


We can also meet any criteria a production may have, sourcing and casting diverse artistes of all ages from all over the UK as required, powered by the Entertainment Partners platform. A paperless payment system for productions.  


We can also offer extra services to productions such as Chaperones, Tutors, Drama Coaches and assistance with child licensing (UK and overseas). All our professionals are enhanced DBS checked with extensive on site training.

harry potter

Chaperones and Tutors

We have a large team of highly experienced, caring professional Chaperones and Tutors on our books. Our team have worked on some of the biggest and most successful films and television productions made in recent years both in the UK and internationally. Their main priority is the wellbeing and safety of the children in their care, whilst also maintaining an understanding with productions and their needs too.

drama class

Drama Coaches

We can provide experienced Acting Coaches for children and adults. These Coaches have a vast and wide-array of knowledge when it comes to acting for screen and stage. Our coaches have proven experience on set and in the rehearsal room. 

“I have used Sally King for all my child casting in film ever since I became a crowd 2nd in 2015, but her reputation & experience precedes that. Sally and her team make casting easy with children from all over the UK to choose from" 

"Sally always provides nice & reliable chaperones who work with the Assistant Directors instead of against them. The children she puts forward are always well behaved & a pleasure to work with" 

"Licensing is made easy & production friendly - especially where Rachael is involved" 

"I always suggest to a production to use Sally's Tutors and Chaperones because they are always fair & supportive of the kids needs, whilst helping maximise the efficiency of the kids day" 

"My go to kids agency” 

Contact us for all your production needs 

If you wish to book any of our Supporting Artists, Chaperones, Tutors, Drama Coaches or Licensing Services then please do not hesitate to email us.


If you are interested in joining our team and have some proven experience in film and television, please email us in the first instance. 

child learning

Child Licensing

As a reputable and established agency with many years of experience, we are able to offer an excellent service to productions who require support with applying for child performance licenses within the UK and internationally.  


We can apply for all the legally required licenses and manage the licensing process. We have a department dedicated to licensing and our team are up to date on all of the current regulations. 


We offer production companies a full consultancy service with regards to all aspects of child casting, licensing and performance legalities.

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